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Basics of Incident Response (Theory) cover

Basics of Incident Response (Theory)

Learn the techniques of Incident Response Handling

Instructor: Urvesh Thakkar

Language: English

Validity Period: 365 days

Today, organizations are adapting many sorts of technologies and investments just to secure their infra. A single cyber incident could lead to a massive loss to these companies in many different ways. This course is specifically focused to understand the very basics of Incident Response. Although Incident Response is a big picture in reality, this course will provide a clear visibility for understanding the fundamentals of Incident Response and explore the corporate security domain. 

You will understand each phase of the Incident Response Cycle, starting from Preparation Phase, Detection & Analysis, Containment & Eradication & Post Incident Activity. Also another promise that we make to you all, apart from the existing content, all the future updates and new content will be freely available to everyone with any additional cost! We hope you enjoy this course!

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