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Session Management Vulnerability cover

Session Management Vulnerability

Uncover the session management vulnerabilites and their exploitations.

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Instructor: Kartik Khurana

Language: English

Validity Period: 365 days

Welcome to Session Management Vulnerability Course. This course covers web application attacks related to Session Management vulnerability and how to earn bug bounties. There is no prerequisite of prior hacking knowledge and you will be able to perform web attacks and hunt bugs on live websites and secure them

This course is not like other hacking or penetration testing courses with outdated vulnerabilities and only lab attacks. This contains maximum live websites to make you comfortable with the Live Hunting Environment.

Starting from Basics of Session to different types of session attacks, This is a fantastic course for you if you are someone who is interested in easy and assured bug hunting rewards.

With over 7+ Modules and 12+ Videos of every theoretical and practical aspect of No Session Management Vulnerability, this course comes with Live Doubt solving by your mentor Mr. Kartik Khurana, who will be guiding you to every step.

This course will start from basic principles of each vulnerability related to Session Management and How to attack them using multiple bypass techniques. In addition to exploitation, you will also learn how to fix them.

This course is highly practical and is made on Live websites to give you the exact environment when you start your penetrating testing or bug hunting journey.

We will start from the basics of Session to the exploitation of vulnerabilities leading to Session Hijacking on live websites.

This course is divided into a number of sections, each section covers how to hunt, exploit and mitigate a vulnerability in an ethical manner.

After identification of a vulnerability, we will exploit it to leverage the maximum severity out of it. We will also learn how to fix vulnerabilities that are commonly found on websites on the internet.

In this course, you will also learn How you can start your journey on many famous bug hunting platforms like Bugcrowd, Hackerone, and Open Bug Bounty.

Along with this, you will be able to hunt and report vulnerabilities to the NCIIPC Government of India, also to private companies, and to their responsible disclosure programs.

You will also learn Advance techniques to bypass filters and the developers logic for each kind of vulnerability related to Sessions. I have also shared personal tips and tricks for each attack where you can trick the application and find bugs quickly.

This course also includes important interview questions and answers which will be helpful in any penetration testing job interview.

Here's a more detailed breakdown of the course content:
In all the sections we will start with the theoretical and fundamental principles of How the attack works, Exploitation, and How to defend from those attacks.

In OWASP Top 10, We will cover A2:2017-Broken Authentication and session management

Module 0: Course Introduction/Trailer 
Module 1: Introduction to Sessions?
Module 2: Session Related attacks 
Module 2.1: Session not expire( Password Change)
Module 2.2: Session not expire( 2FA Enable)
Module 2.3: Session not expire( Email Change)
Module 2.4: Session not expire( Account Delete)
Module 2.5: Session Hijacking
Module 3: Impact of Session Management Vulnerabilities 
Module 4: Recommendations to stop Session Attacks 
Module 5: How to perfectly report a Session attack?
Module BONUS: Tips for Session Related Attacks

You will also get additional BONUS sessions, in which I'm going to share my personal approach for hunting bugs. All the videos are recorded on Live websites so that you understand the concepts as well as get comfortable working in a live environment. I have also added Interview Questions and answers for each attack which will be helpful for those preparing for Job Interviews and Internships in the field of Information Security.
With this course, you get 24/7 support, so if you have any questions you can post them in the Q&A section and we'll respond to you as soon as possible.

●    This course is created for educational purposes only and all the websites I have performed attacks are ethically reported and fixed.
●    Testing any website which doesn’t have a Responsible Disclosure Policy is unethical and against the law, the author doesn’t hold any responsibility.

Who this course is for:

● Anybody interested in learning website & web application hacking/penetration testing.
●    Any Beginner who wants to start with Penetration Testing
●    Any Beginner who wants to start with Bug Bounty Hunting
●    Trainer who are willing to start teaching Pentesting
●    Any Professional who working in Cyber Security and Pentesting
●    Ethical Hackers who want to learn How OWASP Works
●    Beginners in Cyber Security Industry for Analyst Position
●    SOC person who is working in a corporate environment
●    Developers who want to fix vulnerabilities and build secure applications

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